Thursday, December 29, 2005

When Scholarship and Politics Collided at Yale -- New York Times [clip]

Hi, Thought this was an interesting article about another Associate Prof. at Yale ! Have you heard from him? -marK

When Scholarship and Politics Collided at Yale
Published: December 28, 2005

David Graeber pulled a green object shaped like a Champagne cork out of his pocket. The plastic bullet that was fired at Mr. Graeber in Quebec City in 2001....Battles with the police are a fact of life for Dr. Graeber, an associate professor of anthropology at Yale and a self-proclaimed anarchist. It was his battle with Yale that surprised him.... The university notified him in the spring of 2005 that it would not renew his contract next year. Yale gave no reason, and officials said they could not discuss the dismissal because personnel matters were confidential.....
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