Monday, December 26, 2005

XML-Binary Optimized Packaging -- Dr Dobb's [clip]

thought this might be interesting in relation to formats for large-scale array data
Dr. Dobb's Journal December, 2005

XML-Binary Optimized Packaging

XML and nontext data can work together
By Andrey Butov
Andrey is a software developer in the Fixed Income division of Goldman Sachs & Company. He can be contacted at .....

For several years now, the development community has followed the emergence of XML-based solutions to common data-representation problems. As a metalanguage, XML is a success. A cursory search reveals several of the more popular custom languages utilizing XML as a metalanguage, including MathML for representing mathematical concepts [1], Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) for representing two-dimensional vector and raster graphics [2], and Really Simple Syndication (RSS) [3] for distributing news headlines and other relatively frequently updated data such as weblog postings, for consumption by, among other things, RSS aggregators....

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