Friday, January 20, 2006

Coding a Bridge Across the Data Divide -- The Scientist [clip]

Just read this year-old article. Thought the NAS colloquium was played up quite a bit!
by Jane Salodof MacNeil
Coding a Bridge Across the Data Divide
Email: Jane Salodof MacNeil
The Scientist 2004, 18(24):25    -- Published         20 December 2004
If you want to know how biology will be practiced in the coming decades,
check out a recent National Academy of Sciences colloquium on frontiers
in bioinformatics. Assembling data is no longer the biggest challenge,
says meeting cochair Russ B. Altman, citing sophisticated presentations
on pseudogenes, RNA splicing, and molecular evolution. Instead, the
major hurdle these days is one of data integration....
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