Saturday, January 21, 2006

Masters of the Semantic Web -- Bio-IT world [clip]

Thought this was an interesting article on the enthusiasm for semantic web. Liked the comparison to the subway map.
Masters of the Semantic Web
By Salvatore Salamone
Oct 17, 2005
“I see a huge amount of energy from people in the life sciences getting excited about the Semantic Web and what it can do to solve the big IT problems... But also the people involved in the Semantic Web pushing it along are also very excited about getting involved in the life sciences — it’s one of those areas that affect humankind, finding drugs, curing AIDS and cancer, etc. There seems to be a huge energy, and lots of practical technical reasons why this area is crying out to be one of the flagship areas that the Semantic Web really takes off...”   — Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Bio•IT World Conference+Expo, May 2005

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