Sunday, January 15, 2006 : Yale's $8 billion man [clip]

What do you think of this? Appears that endowment monies are very well invested. I'd rather put my savings into this than into a bank!

Yale's $8 billion man
by Marc Gunther '73
Last spring, Yale president Richard C. Levin '74PhD held a cocktail reception for David F. Swensen '80PhD, who was celebrating his 20th year as Yale's chief investment officer. Inside the president's official residence, posters and news clippings mounted on easels tracked the growth of Yale's endowment from $1.3 billion to $14 billion under Swensen's stewardship. The display culminated in a bar chart titled "Value of Key Contributors to Yale University."...Towering above them was a bar bearing Swensen's name and an astonishing number: $7.8 billion....

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