Thursday, February 23, 2006

Here I Am Taking My Own Picture -- [clip]

Looks like this digital camera phenomena is quite widespread

Here I Am Taking My Own Picture
Published: February 19, 2006
MORGAN ADAMS, a recent college graduate, decided that her picture on her home page at had lingered a little too long, a full month. To snap a new one she called on the only photographer she thought she could trust: herself.
In her bedroom in Lubbock, Tex., Ms. Adams, 21, tried out a variety of poses — coy, friendly, sultry, goofy — in the kind of performance young people have engaged in privately for generations before a mirror. But Ms. Adams's mirror was a Web cam, and her journey of self-expression, documented in five digital self-portraits, was soon visible to the 56 million registered users of MySpace.

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