Saturday, April 08, 2006

Internet Calls Untethered From Your PC -- NY Times

Looks useful for office conference phone. Let's get it and SkypeOut!
David Pogue
Internet Calls Untethered From Your PC
Published: April 6, 2006
WHY does Skype get so much hype? Sure, this software lets you make free "phone calls," computer to computer, anywhere in the world. But it wasn't the first such program, it's not the most feature-laden, and it's still a mystery to most people over 25.....Enter the VoSky Call Center ($60 at, nicknamed the Liberator. (All right, I gave it that nickname, but still.) It's a tiny black box, about the size of a sandwich, that connects to a Windows PC (with a U.S.B. cable), to your phone line and to your telephone. ...If you've signed up for SkypeOut, that 2.1-cents-a-minute plan that lets you call phone numbers rather than computers, you make calls in exactly the same way. Pick up your phone and touch ##2 (or whatever the speed-dial number is), or even ## plus a standard phone number in international format....

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