Sunday, August 13, 2006

Don't Eat This Book: Fast Food and the Supersizing of America (Hardcover)

Enjoying reading this book. It contains links to websites listing Farmer's markets and also a nice listing of all the fad diets in the last century.
Fad Diet History:
"Another liquid diet, the vinegar diet, was a fad in Europe in the ...  up one of the most boring diets in history, the Bland Diet. He believed that rich and spicy foods not only ... the cereal guy, was a big fan of Fletcherizing [diet]) The grapefruit diet, huge for a while in the 1920s, advocated massive ... and more disgusting diets, also from the 1920s, was the tapeworm diet. Apparently no one actually swallowed live tapeworms, but there were diet pills on the market that claimed to contain ....Since 1970, as Americans' weight has ballooned, the diet fads have been coming hot and heavy: Dr. Robert Atkins come out with his low-carb diet in 1972. it faded, ... high-protein Scarsdale diet swept the land in 1978. The low-fat Pritikin diet was all the rage in 1979. Judy Mazel's Beverly Hills diet... life Choice diet was big in the early nineties. The Zone plan had people loading up on lean meat, egg whites, fish and chicken in the late 1990s. And more recently, the Southbeach diet...Not to mention the cabbage soup diet, the boiled egg diet, the Abs diet ... It's no big surprise that the Fatkins diet is popular again. ..."

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