Sunday, December 02, 2007

Potential alternate terms RFBRs for chIP-chip "hits"

The ENCODE paper coined the term RFBR for "hits" in chIP-chip experiments, viz: "We refer to regions with enriched binding of regulatory factors as RFBRs. RFBRs were identified on the basis of ChIP-chip data in two ways..." Some other terms were considered instead of RFBR. Here's a list of some of them:

CHIRP -- chip hit of regulatory potential
EIGR -- experimentally identified genomic region (like mountain)
GRAF -- Genomic region associated with function
GRAB -- Genomic region associated with binding
RELIC -- Regulatory element in living cells
GELC -- Genomic element in living cells
FELC -- Functional event in living cells
EDGE -- Experimentally determined genomic element
GEMMS -- Genomic element defined by multple methods
REIVE -- Regulatory element in vivo
GERP -- Genomic element of regulatory potential
TRE -- transcriptional regulatory element
GIVE -- Genomic in-vivo element
LRE -- long-range element
RFBS -- regulatory factor binding site