Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trips to Europe '09

Here I've collected various things related to some trips to Europe in 2009.

* Pictures

Flickr photos galleries from London in Jan., Belgium in Oct., and Paris & Cambridge in Dec. (The analogous links in picasa: London, Belgium, & Paris .)

In addition to the usual tourist shots, I took some fairly abstract photos and some more general "concept" ones. My photos also added significantly to my burgeoning McDonald's photo collection.

* Tags & Routes

I tagged my photos quite extensively. Here's a listing of some of my more commonly used tags on the trips. One 'tag group' that was particularly hard to shoot were the panoramas and nighttime photos , where I was aided by my trusty new Sony. Here's an almost 360' panorama of the Louvre.

As might be expected, I geotagged many of the photos as well; thus, each of these galleries is associated with a nice map link -- e.g. here's an one for Paris . The geotagging has the side benefit of providing some tracks of where I went, viz: walking around Paris, Paris to London (via Chunnel), & walking around London (not necessarily in order).

* Links & Lectures

Here's a general collection of links of random information associated with the trips.

Some lectures that I gave during the trips: 1a, 1b, 2, 3, 4

Some of my own cryptic internal IDs with yet more links: i0wtsysbio, i0gencwinter08, i0vib