Monday, September 06, 2010

Regulating the Genome -- Letter re "Diagnosis by DNA," Forbes

"Diagnosis by DNA" suggests that the FDA regulate genomic sequencing technology. But in addition to helping physicians make diagnoses, sequencing technology is an important component of modern scientific research. By regulating a genomic diagnosis at its source, the FDA will serve only to substantially impede basic science research and the vast informational resources it promises to bring. The use of sequencing technology is already gaining significant commercial traction--perhaps the Federal Trade Commission is a better agency to provide consumer protection from misuse of the technology.
Dov Greenbaum, J.D., Ph.D & Mark Gerstein, Ph.D.
Yale University, New Haven, Conn.

Published as:
D Greenbaum & M Gerstein (2010). " Regulating the Genome ", Forbes (26 Apr.)
Responding to:
A First: Diagnosis By DNA
Matthew Herper, Forbes Magazine dated March 15, 2010
In a big leap for medicine, gene sequencing helps doctors treat a sick infant....

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