Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Notes on Litchfield Trip [TripLitchfield0mg]

** Nice visit to the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield, CT .

Enjoyed seeing :

- Took lots of pics of his sculptures.

* Rackstraw Downes, Under Westside Highway
- Featured in the NY Times....

* Gary Lictenstein
- Wondered if he's related to Roy?

* Robert Fried, Farsighted 74
- Tank reflections

* Camera Obscura
- being inside of a camera with a small aperture lens - rather dramatic !

** Found a good book at a local bookstore:
New yorker. On the money. Economy in cartoons.

** Thoughts on visiting

* the actual town of Litchfield :
Cute... Notable how large the houses were close to the town center.

* Kent :
Lots of nice on street galleries. Stack sculptures of people and bicycle sculpture.

* Lake Waramaug (pronounced waraMUNG)

** Hill-Stead Museum

* Monet :

Enjoyed the 2 dramatic haystacks : "With white frost effect" (1889) and "The Daylight" (1890).
Both saved from a NY Apt. fire (5th & 46th).

* Whistler's "Blue Wave," 1862 -- on black sea

* The father (Mr Pope) collected art. Didn't want stuff loaned out -- a great contrast to Mr Barnes from Philadelphia !