Sunday, November 14, 2010

Some fun articles gleaned from Science & Nature podcasts in Fall '10 [scinatpodfall0mg]

Some science podcasts in fall 2010:
Science, 6 Aug. to 10 Sept.
Nature, 19 Aug. to 9 Sept.

* Interesting article by Nowack et al arguing against kin selection, on the basis that the assumptions behind it are not often applicable and when they are they're subsumed by natural selection. Nice discussion of the logic behind kin selection, which provided a way to explain non-reproducing "workers" better than selection between groups.

* Interesting opinions on DTC consumer genetic testing : should it be FDA regulated (a bit heavy handed) or just interpreted by board certified individual? A good comparison is the way MRI imaging is interpreted by radiologists.

* Secrets of successful dancing.

* in 3 Sept, nice discussion of a social expt. collecting data on a health form showing that information flow is faster on a "grid-like" network vs a small world one.

* "Magnus hydrodynamic effect" might lead to bullets that curve around walls.

* Nice perspective (in 13 Aug. issue of Sci.) on plants for biofuels by Sommerville et al., highligting the use of CAM photosynthesis plants (in addition to C4 and C3 ones), which use 10X less water and are thus suitable for arid regions.

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