Monday, January 17, 2011

Letter Re "Taking Risks, Making Odds" -- NY Times

We were intrigued by the recent business section article on Cantor Gaming -- how Cantor Fitzgerald is bringing a Wall Street perspective to sports betting. One can, of course, imagine the obvious extrapolations of this confluence: perhaps in the future in addition to betting on sports, we will be able to trade sports teams and even individual players as stocks and invest in their potential future value. The future value of a sports star could of course be guessed from his or her physical characteristics. The other side, of course, of this confluence is seeing investing not as a cold-headed rational pursuit but rather as a form of recreational betting and gambling. Perhaps the Las Vegas casinos should try to open a few slot machines on Wall Street.

Dov Greenbaum, JD PhD & Mark Gerstein, PhD

Unpublished letter in response to:
December 25, 2010, Business Day
Taking Risks, Making Odds