Thursday, July 25, 2013

Letter Re "The future of cars," Economist

I found the recent article on a future of self-driving and navigating
cars quite appealing. Being able to take a long trip without getting
tired behind the wheel is certainly appealing. One interesting
omission that came to mind was trucks. Why do we not hear about
self-driving trucks? Presumably these should be some of the most
appealing vehicles to automate. Furthermore, one can see how
automatically driven trucks that stay to the speed limit and that do
not tailgate behind cars would be quite appealing on the road.
Moreover, they would be potentially less expensive from a freight
haulers perspective.

Unpublished letter in response to :
The future of cars
Gloom and boom
The motor industry’s fortunes are increasingly divided, says Peter
Collins. But in the right markets and with the right technologies,
they look surprisingly bright
Economist, Apr 20th 2013