Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Remarks on a Collection of Security Now Podcasts Giving an Overview of Computing Fundamentals

Security Now episodes 233, 235, 237, 239 and 241 give a nice overview of the fundamentals of computing. In particular, they form an inter-linked collection of podcasts that go over computing starting at simple execution of a program utilizing a program counter through discussing indirection, stacks, recursion and, finally, interrupts. Each of the episodes builds upon the previous and covers many of the key points very lucidly. I would recommend them to people who want to get a quick overview of some of the elements of computing purely by listening to audio.

Security Now 233 - The Official TWiT Wiki
[[*good episode that starts w. transistors logic for not and nor and
goes through mem. as 2 Nors and then ICs. Episode 235 continues. *]]

Security Now 235 - The Official TWiT Wiki

Security Now 237 - The Official TWiT Wiki

Security Now 239 - The Official TWiT Wiki
Stacks, Registers, and Recursion

Security Now 241
Hardware Interrupts

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