Monday, May 18, 2015

Updated (Again) Listing of US Programs in Bioinformatics, now with Standardized Codes & a Continued Solicitation for Edits

Please see editable Gsheet. Also, there's a frozen Gsheet and a downloadable spreadsheet.

This is a rough listing of a number of the computational biology and bioinformatics programs in the United States, with a little bit of commentary. I attempted to list the name of each program, a bit about its structure (such as a department, a center, an inter-departmental PhD granting program, etc.) and some aspect of its scale.

This is an update from my post about a year ago. Since then the landscape has evolved with new departments and institutes forming across the US. I've also tried to summarize many of the programs using standardized nomenclature and put them on a map (ppt, pdf & editable Gpresentation - with help from MTG in my lab).

The point of this list is to help me to continue to reflect on Yale's existing Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (CBB) Program, which is an inter-departmental PhD granting entity.

I'm sure my list contains a number of inaccuracies, and I apologize for these in advance! I would really appreciate if people could help improve this. You can send suggestions to my email (see and I will update as appropriate. Even better: There are two gsheets, one frozen and one that anyone can edit. Please feel to edit the later as you see fit, listing your attribution in the first column. Last year there was a good response to this "crowdsourcing request."

Finally, you might find relevant some posts on my microblog that I've tagged related to computational biology program (cbb0mg, cbbplan0mg) and my class (cbb752). I've also posted some summary slides on the program (more recent set, earlier set) and paper from a few years ago describing our curriculum.