Saturday, September 03, 2016

Thoughts, Facts & Pics on the Recent Tobay Triathlon

This is my second consecutive year doing the Tobay Triathlon. Last year I did it for the first time after a number of years, and I was really exhausted. This year I had a lot more practice ahead of time. I was also a bit more careful about training and then thinking about the course during the event. Overall, this paid off greatly and my times were much better, showing that experience and training can perhaps triumph over a year of age!

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Some panoramic pictures and maps from the event (both this year and '15)


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Some things I thought that were helpful and useful to remember were:

(1) HR Mon. and Pacing

The heart rate monitor on the run was helpful in pacing. Last year I got rather exhausted after the swim going up the hill at the beginning of the bike. This year it was a breeze, that was just carefully paced. I think the run went a little faster too because I took sprints and then stopped a bit and walked and rested. (The intervals are diagrammed on the map of the course.)

(2) Light Food

Overall, I found that I didn't really need to eat that much. I just had a bar before the event and then just 2 Gatorades during the event with a little bit of water during the bike ride. More than that I think would have slowed me down. Also, I had lots of carbohydrates the night before.

(3) Route

Being used to the swim course really helped, so I knew to turn 3 times (see map). Often in the open water, I found it very disorienting. Having now done it the second year in a row, I found it much easier.

(4) Water Bottle

Finally finding a supermarket water drink that would fit into my bicycle's water bottle cage. See the picture in the image collection. This is from the Propel brand (with a 9 3/16" circumference). Note that these other two brands in the picture don't seem to fit (eg Poland Spring is too small at 8 7/8".)

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cycle (480' total elevation gain, getting to max of 275')

run (185' elevation gain)