Saturday, March 03, 2018

Meet Your Art Twin - My experience with GoogleArts selfie matching app

Meet Your Art Twin: #GoogleArts new "#selfie" matching app claims I look a bit like portraits of Jan van de Poll, Frank Jay St. John & Harold Ickes. Not sure I agree, but I find it quite amusing nonetheless!

* More detail on the matching images

- 67% match
Jan van de Poll (1597-1678). Burgemeester van Amsterdam Rijksmuseum

- 66% match
Frank Jay St. John - Thomas Eakins — Google Arts & Culture

- 60% match
Harold L. Ickes 1874-1952

* NY Times article

Meet Your Art Twin: A 400-Year-Old With an Oily Complexion

“Long before the Google Arts and Culture app, which became the most downloaded mobile app over the weekend, art aficionados, dabblers, narcissists and soul searchers pondering a cosmic connection to distant humans have been searching for their art twins, a long-gone, sometimes fictional or unknown doppelgänger encased in oil, sculpture or ceramics.”

* Some of the matching images

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- Mail subject for lots of the images
Does this artwork look like me? Try with your own #selfie at #GoogleArts

- Match Photo (536x916)