Sunday, March 02, 2008

Quick thoughts on Reading Supercrunchers

Liked this book. Some things that I remembered:

* Nice ending with a motivation of Bayesian stats with a test for breast cancer afflicting 1% wtih a high FP rate.
* Useful stat that SD on pregnancy 9 months +/- 15 days.
* Suggestion of "mining free" products.
* Privacy concerns as the "darkside of digitization".
* Potential of a face recognition company to ID photos on flickr.
* Mentions that AOL search was comprimised by one keystroke (correct?).
* Discusses centralizing shift of power implicit in move to supercrunchers
* Some characters Donaghue (?), Levitt vs....
* Mentions Ec. miner who find evidence of cheating in wide point spreads
* Some dubious stuff: Is regression really exponential complexity (???) and NN the main new mining technique ?
* Buying and selling race