Saturday, October 25, 2008

let. to ed. re. "Many Holes in Disclosure of Nominees’ Health" -- NY Times

The 19 October front-page in the air Times has an interesting juxtaposition
of articles about health information and privacy. On one hand we heard about
Dr. Church's genome project and how will reveal all the information about
himself and 10 individual volunteers. On the other hand, we heard about the
presidential candidates strongly restricting access to their personal health
information in this year's campaign. While the volunteers for Dr. Church's
project are to be commended for revealing literally all about themselves, could one imagine the presidential candidates in an election consenting to have their genome
sequenced and mined for all to see.

Above is an unpublished letter in response to:
October 20, 2008
The DNA Age
Taking a Peek at the Experts’ Genetic Secrets
The Doctor’s World
Many Holes in Disclosure of Nominees’ Health
Published: October 19, 2008