Friday, November 28, 2008

Trip to Greece

* Overall ~100 pictures of things in Greece, organized on Flickr and Picasa (map of this)

* Some nice subsets of the images

- Just of Santorini:
(Map of the above:

- Visiting and looking at Parthenon
Some of the ruins in Greece were a bit beaten up (tag "ruinedruins")

- A particular specialization of the above is a focus on rather dynamic graffiti interposed with iconic architecture and well known sites. See tag "graffiti" and map of it. (This includes images in other locations than just Greece.)

- Some other fun tags to look at are "abstract" and "landscape"
(These include images in other locations.)

Collection of links
relevant to the trip (includes some useful guidebooks)

Rough track

of walk up to Parthenon