Sunday, December 26, 2010

Things that stuck from Science & Nature podcasts 16 Sept. to 12 Nov. [[* Scinatpoddec10 *]]

* An article in the 8 Oct Science suggests a risk stratification strategy for dtc consumer tests.

* In 22 oct podcast an environmental answer to GWAS is discuused in a
perspective: as one might expect, the basic idea is to sample large numbers of non-genome
attributes and correlate them with disease.

* 23 oct podcast discusses a recent paper giving more than 100 genes
associated with height.

* In relation to the 2010 medicine nobel, Since 1978 when IVF was
first developed more than 4 million test tube babies have been born.

* Oct 14 Nature has an interesting article related to how measuring
the evolution of language in a "genetic fashion" sheds light on the
development of political systems. It also discusses an experiment with
rats showing a potential link between a father's diet and obesity and
that of his offspring.

* Nice commentary in 28 Oct Nature by Luis Bettencort on the scaling
laws making cities favorable environments for science. Also, related
to cities and science, it seems Boston gets a citation impact rating
of 2 while London is at 1.5 and Beijing is .67.

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