Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Letter Re "The people’s panopticon," Economist

As you noted, the ubiquity of cameras and the evolving ability to extract information from this pervasive photography are ominously shifting our notions of privacy. Relatively macro sized Google Glass and GoPro cameras are only the beginning. Once can imagine a not-so-distant future where a multitude of additional micro-sized sensors are relentlessly collecting data about our vital statistics and our surroundings. Eventually the miniaturization of current sensing technology will give way to cutting edge molecular chemical sensing able to detect people through trace amounts of emitted chemicals such as metabolites or perhaps even genomic DNA. While this may seem like simply a direct extension of the already omnipresent photography, it is potentially much more invasive and will require the advancement of innovative privacy paradigms.

Dov Greenbaum & Mark Gerstein

Unpublished letter in response to:
Ubiquitous cameras: The people’s panopticon | The Economist
Nov. 16, 2013